Biointegrated medicine at the heart of Biogroup productions

A modern vision of medicine, dictated by the need for integration between the various medical forms of natural medicine

Biogroup is proud to have placed, the canons and dictates of Biointegrated Medicine, at the base of its production.

This represents a modern vision of medicine, dictated by the need for integration between the various medical forms of natural medicine and of these with academic medicine, based on a unique language represented by constitutionalism

From this vision results an innovative and forefront clinical approach, which places man at the center in harmony and disharmony with the environment in which he lives and with himself, allowing him to reach it in the meaning of all his expressive modalities, not only those of discomfort but also attitudinal and physiological ones of its constitutional potentiality

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Biogroup, in taking on this task, is fully responsible for the charges and honors arising therefrom.

The charges are those of having to provide the practical means of implementing the Biointegrated Medicine, from the constitutional and drainage phytopreparations, to those with targeted action, for a total of about 400 references on the shelf.

The honor is to be able to base its phytotherapy on a unique, original, complex and articulated clinical system, but which can provide useful and valuable answers to the prescriber’s needs.

All this involves an important research activity, prestigious scientific collaborations, as well as an impressive educational and dissemination action, provided by highly qualified teachers and prepared scientific informant.

In respect of the impartiality and correctness of the scientific information, as well as the current regulations, Biogroup does not organize any specific event on its own.

In the public sector, the Biointegrated Medicine has been and is present with specific Courses at University Institutes, while at the non-institutional level is the “Cosmo de Horatiis" Study and Research Center, a no-profit association, to carry out its dissemination very well. Educational center of the Study Center is IMeB, Institute of Biointegrated Medicine, organizer of conferences, courses, congresses and events. The thousands of students who have followed these events then have the opportunity to sign up, for some years, at SIMeB, the Italian Society of Biointegrated Medicine, present throughout the national territory and organizer, together with IMeB, of important appointments.


The IMeB Institute of Biointegrated Medicine operates in the educational field promoting events, courses, conferences, publications, studies, and scientific research

Cosmo de Horatiis

  • The object of the association is the research and dissemination of knowledge in the scientific and naturalistic field, with particular attention to health and environmental issues


  • Italian Society of Biointegrated Medicine, promotes the study, research, dissemination and enhancement of Biointegrated Medicine. Find out why it is worth registering