Biogroup is a small and consolidated company founded and animated by simple people, with great history and competence in the natural world.

The combination of these experiences, the contribution and enthusiasm of young and prepared forces, philosophy and basic ethics have produced a synergy that creates a unique reality of its kind: slim, dynamic, innovative.

A widespread presence on the territory, ensured by a network of highly professional scientific informant, has allowed a direct relationship with the prescriber, favoring a continuous exchange of ideas and considerations that promotes a common growth.

A qualified Scientific Committee, composed of professionals with proven experience in the field of Natural Medicine, ensures seriousness and safety, representing, at the same time, a sure reference in the field of research and clinical application.

The collaboration with University Institutes and with Research Institutions of primary importance on the national scene, allows us to always be at the forefront.

The careful selection of feedstock, the search for a synergistic action of the various phytocomplexes, the therapeutic implementation of the concepts of Biointegrated Medicine as the most advanced and modern expression of the Medical Clinic, the application of studies and research on phytogenomics and mRNA of plants , the stimulus to a valid and extensive teaching, about 400 references on the shelf, different medical devices, an effective packaging, make BIOGROUP A LEADING COMPANY IN ITS SECTOR.

Officine Naturali is a modern production facility capable of ensuring the complete transformation of the medicinal plant into the final preparation. Precisely because of this peculiarity the company is divided into three areas: an agricultural one, a plant processing one and a more pharmaceutical one, three souls that live together to create preparations that follow a path of high quality and traceability.

The production unit, in continuous expansion and technological updating, offer a guarantee of competence and methodological rigor such as to optimize the quality of the meticulous basic work.

A team of young and dynamic highly qualified collaborators ensures excellent performances that make Officine Naturali a jewel for efficiency and quality.

The contribution of consultants and external laboratories, of proven experience and seriousness, complete the human network that gives life and soul to a company that is projected towards the most sought-after goals every day.

The SAO, Società Agricola Officinale, is the third of three sisters, born in fact, as a project idea, together with Biogroup and Officine Naturali. The sequence in their realization follows somewhat the rigid logic of the peasant.

In the year 2000 Biogroup Srl was born, trading which, based on the established principles of Biointegrated Medicine, began to market specific phytopreparations, produced by third parties. A correct and competent business management, a network of serious and prepared scientific informant l has favored, over time, an excellent response from the prescribers and end users, favoring a business growth of all respect.

In 2012 Officine Naturali S.r.l. was born, a plant for the production of phytopreparations and nutraceutical substances that allows the direct manufacture of what was previously supplied by valid third-party companies.

A few years later, in one of the most uncontaminated areas of Italy, SAO Srl is born, Società Agricola Officinali, dedicated to the production of feedstock that, processed at zero km in the Officine Naturali company, arrive on the shelves of Biogroup for be distributed throughout the national territory. Its lands represent a laboratory governed only by the laws of nature and those who treat them are profoundly respectful: the fruits that derive from it are the work of this synthesis and bearers of this extraordinary force. The SAO to date is still a small reality but shows great potential for growth, and it is among its fields, in the luxuriance of its plants, among the scent of its flowers, that the dream continues and, climbing in the hills of the small village Molise, takes shape and spreads everywhere.

Our story in brief

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    Constitutive act Biogroup srl

    16 Novembre 2000

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    Notification to the health ministry of the first product Biogroup srl

    12 Febbraio 2001

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    Received sis code from the ministry of health

    3 Settembre 2004

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    Constitutive act officine Naturali srl

    29 Novembre 2005

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    Inauguration of the new structure of Officine Naturali srl

    28 Aprile 2012

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    Transfer of Biogroup srl to the new structure of Officine Naturali srl

    27 Dicembre 2012

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    Authorization for the production of food supplements and foods with added in all permissible forms

    21 Marzo 2013

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    Stipulates a partnership agreement between Biogroup and ISS (now still in force)

    13 Luglio 2014

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    Acquisition of the already homeopathic line Marien Apotheke -CSM spa

    1 Dicembre 2014

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    Patent application RM2015A 000133

    1 Aprile 2015

    "Estratti di Prunus spinosa var. Trigno ad attività antitumorale"

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    Trade deal - trade deal for the distribution of Biogroup’s phytoprepations in Slovakia,the Czech Republic, Poland and Austria

    19 Febbraio 2016

    Accordo commerciale per la distribuzione dei preparati Biogroup in Slovacchia, Repubblica Ceca, Polonia ed Austria

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    Notification to Aifa Homeopathic Products according with the new rules

    29 Giugno 2017

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    Attestato di brevetto

    9 Agosto 2017

    Patent certificate - achieving patent certificate for industrial invention n.0001429242 prunus spinosa extracts with antitumor activity by the Ministry of Economic Development

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    Autorizzazione ministeriale

    26 Ottobre 2017

    Ministerial authorization - authorization from the Ministry of Health to experiment on humans to evaluate the antitumor activity of extracts of prunus spinosa Var.Trigno

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    Accordo di collaborazione

    6 Marzo 2018

    partnership agreement Partnership agreement with IFO - Istituto regina Elena for “animal experimentation to evaluate the antitumor efficacy of the hydroalcoholic extract of prunus spinosa (commercial product Trigno M) in the treatment of colon and human lung cancer”