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Food supplement based on plant extracts active on the physiological metabolism of lipids; promotes weight control in the context of low-calorie diets.


Pharmaceutical form:30 tablets of 800 mg. Net weight 24 g e

Ministerial indications for physiological aspects: Garcinia, Makino and Jesuit’s tea contribute to the balance of body weight; they have a favorable action on lipid metabolism and on the control of the sense of hunger; Jesuit’s tea also has an antioxidant, draining and tonic action. Radiola and Rhododendron perform a tonic action in case of physical and mental fatigue and contribute to the drainage of body fluids. Chromium picolinate contributes to normal macronutrient metabolism and to the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels.

Ingredients: Garcinia (Garcinia cambogia Desr.) resin E.S. tit. 60% in hydroxycitric acid, Cassia nomame (Cassia mimosoides L. var. nomame) leaves E.S. 1:4, Rodiola (Rhodiola rosea L.) roots E.S. tit. 1% in salidroside, Rododendro (Rhododendron ferrugineum L.) leaves E.S. 1:4, Jesuit’s tea (Ilex paraguariensis St. Hill) leaves E.S. tit. 3.6% in xanthines, Chromium picolinate.

Use: 1- 2 tablets per day to be swallowed without chewing or breaking…







PR 17 A-B

Warnings: The product does not replace a varied diet; it must be used as part of an adequate low-calorie diet following a healthy lifestyle with a good level of physical activity. If the diet is followed for prolonged periods of more than three weeks, it is advisable to seek medical advice. Keep out of the reach of children under three years of age. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Store in a cool and dry place, away from heat sources. The expiry date refers to the intact product, correctly stored.

Content of characterizing supplements

Average values per daily dose

Components Per 1 cpr Per 100 g *VNR%
Garcinia zest E.S. 60%

intake of hydroxycitric acid

250 mg

150 mg

31,3 g

18,7 g

Makino leaves E.S. 200 mg 25 g —-
Rodiola hizome E.S. 1%

salidroside intake

100 mg

1 mg

12,5 g

0,125 g

Rododendro E.S. 75 mg 9,5 g —-
Jesuit’s tea E.S. 50 mg 6,25 g —-
Chromium 50 mcg 6,25 mg 250%
*VNR%: Nutritional Reference Value per dose equal to two tablets